Presentasi di COP 22 Marakech tentang oil palm smallholders

Oil palm smallholders in Indonesia: risks landscape and the willingness to accept sustainability

Sonny Mumbunan | Research Center for Climate Change University of Indonesia (RCCC UI)

  • Venue: COP 22 Marrakech United Nations Climate Change Conference, Indonesia Pavilion.
  • Date, time: 16 November 2016, at 1 p.m.

Session “climate friendly economy and sustainable development” chaired by Ms. Erna Witoelar.


Oil palm smallholders play critical roles in both the economy of land-based sector and in a larger context of environmental sustainability. The presentation will talk about findings from a recent survey of more than 1300 smallholders in almost 100 villages in Riau and South Sumatra. A half of Indonesia’s oil palm smallholder production stem from these two provinces. It will present the risks landscape that describes how oil palm smallholders perceive various risk scenarios with different degree of likelihood and impact to their income. In addition, it will present palm oil smallholders’ willingness to accept sustainability schemes as exemplified by their willingness to accept compensation to not extend plantation to forest areas.

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